My Story

Starting an affordable fashion jewelry business was my dream. A dream with a motivation from a grandmother who was diagnosed with stage four cancer again. Unfortunately, this time she did not survive the battle, the cancer has taken over her whole body. She has left to a better place in Heaven on January 19th. She was always a great supporter and motivator for everything I did or wanted to achieve. My grandmother raised me while my parents were working so hard to provide food on the table and clothing for us to wear. I always wanted to wear and buy jewelry and accessories I see others with, but I was not fortunate to purchase everything I wanted.

I want to provide women, children, teenagers, and menthe beauty of jewelry without the inflated prices. You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to have the look you want. I personally check all the jewelry that I sell, I want to provide quality jewelry at very affordable prices.

The meaning of MadAri Fashions is a combination of names. Mad is short for Madhu which is my lovely grandmother and Ari is short for Ariya, my daughter and my grandmother’s first great grandchild. A portion of proceeds will go to cancer research. A portion of the proceeds will go to families in need of aid for treatments.



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