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Laser Cut Wood Photo Frame for baby or education year

Laser Cut Wood Photo Frame for baby or education year

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Introducing our beautifully crafted Wooden Baby and Education Year Photo Frame, a timeless and rustic piece designed to encapsulate the sweetest moments of your little one's journey through their first year or educational milestones.

Meticulously constructed from high-quality wood, this frame exudes a warm and natural charm. The rich, earthy tones of the wood create a classic and enduring aesthetic, making it a perfect addition to any nursery, playroom, or educational environment. The frame features twelve individual slots, each delicately labeled with the corresponding month, providing a picturesque timeline of your baby's growth or educational achievements.

The wooden frame is not only an elegant display piece but also a durable keepsake that stands the test of time. Its sturdy construction ensures the safe preservation of your cherished memories, allowing you to relive those precious moments for years to come. The natural texture and grain of the wood add a touch of authenticity and character, enhancing the overall appeal of the frame.

As a thoughtful gift for new parents or a personal addition to your family's story, the Wooden Baby and Education Year Photo Frame offers a warm and nostalgic way to celebrate the milestones and memories that shape early years. Capture the essence of growth and learning in a frame that embodies the enduring beauty of natural materials, providing a distinctive and heartfelt showcase for your most treasured photographs.

The Baby and Education Year Photo Frame is not only a decorative piece but also a meaningful keepsake. It provides a tangible way to celebrate and reminisce about the significant milestones and growth achieved during those early years. Whether as a thoughtful gift for new parents or a personal addition to your family's story, this frame serves as a beautiful tribute to the journey of babyhood and early education. Capture, display, and cherish the moments that matter most with this delightful and purposeful photo frame.


  • If you need something custom as to smaller or larger in size, please email us
  • You can personalize this with your kid’s name. 
  • Each piece is individually handmade just for you, therefore none are exactly alike!
  • The color may vary a little due to lighting of the photography.
  • Made in the USA:  Hypo-Allergenic, Lead and Cadmium free
  • Proceeds go to Children’s Cancer treatment centers and to assist families of cancer patients in need.
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