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Natural Healing Chakra Keychain

Natural Healing Chakra Keychain

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  • Healing Chakra Keychain is made of Copper and Silver Plating and Gold Plating
  • Stones symbolizes:
    • Onyx: Protection, alleviates grief
    • Lapis: Communication, Creativity, Self-expression
    • Turquoise: Travel protection, Friendship, Intuition
    • Faux Turquoise: (dyed howlite) Travel protection, Friendship, Intuition
    • Goldstone (Sandstone): Ambition, Energy, Confidence, Optimism
    • Pink Tourmaline: brings the energy rays of determination, commitment, and caring
    • Rose Quartz: Love, opens heart to give and receive
    • White Quartz: properties to purify negative energy
    • Opalite: Third eye, meditation, removes blockages
    • Howlite: Restful sleep, releases anger, self-acceptance, generosity
  • Healing Chakra Keychain Bullet stone measures approximately 3.3cm in length and approximately 1cm in width.
  • Each piece is individually handmade just for you, therefore none are exactly alike!
  • The color may vary a little due to lighting of the photography.
  • Made in the USA:  Hypo-Allergenic, Lead and Cadmium free
  • Proceeds go to Children’s Cancer treatment centers and to assist families of cancer patients in need.
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