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Rainbow Dream Catcher

Rainbow Dream Catcher

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Introducing our Rainbow Dream Catcher—a vibrant and captivating rendition of the traditional dream catcher, now infused with a spectrum of colors to bring a lively and cheerful touch to your space. Meticulously crafted, this dream catcher is more than a charming ornament; it's a symbol of positivity, hope, and the celebration of diversity.

The Rainbow Dream Catcher features a meticulously woven web at its center, adorned with an array of colorful threads that cascade down like a waterfall of hues. The circular design is complemented by a harmonious arrangement of beads and feathers in various vibrant tones, creating a visual feast that captures the essence of joy and inclusivity.

Hang this Rainbow Dream Catcher in your bedroom, living room, or any space where you seek inspiration and positivity. Its vivid colors and thoughtful design make it not only a beautiful decoration but also a meaningful piece that resonates with the idea of catching dreams and filtering out negativity.

Crafted from quality materials, this dream catcher is not just an accessory but a symbol of diversity, unity, and the endless possibilities that a positive mindset can bring. Whether as a personal accent or a thoughtful gift, let the Rainbow Dream Catcher infuse your surroundings with a burst of color, dreams, and the promise of brighter tomorrows.


  • This is made of 8 layers of 3mm of birch plywood. 
  • This size is about 11.8 inch x 7.8 inch. If you need something custom as to smaller or larger in size, please email us
  • Some ideas on how to display or use it: bookend, door, add to wreath, hang on wall, turn into a magnet for the fridge, put on mailbox…
  • Each piece is individually handmade just for you, therefore none are exactly alike!
  • The color may vary a little due to lighting of the photography.
  • Made in the USA:  Hypo-Allergenic, Lead and Cadmium free
  • Proceeds go to Children’s Cancer treatment centers and to assist families of cancer patients in need.
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